Don't Miss the NEW Tornos MultiSwiss, the First Turning Center Equipped with Six Sliding Headstocks at IMTS 2012 - Booth #S-8666



Designed from the Ground Up with All High-End Components in a Totally New Package


Chicago, IL, September 10-15, 2012 – With the production capability of a six-spindle CNC and the sliding headstock feed of a Swiss-type single spindle turning center, the new MultiSwiss is a radically new machine concept from Tornos designed from the ground up with all high-end Swiss components in a totally new package.  Ideal for parts under 14mm diameter (40mm length) with 14 linear axes, 7 C-axes and room for up to 18 tools (3 per position), the MultiSwiss (unlike many multispindle machines) allows the usage of standard tooling.  Quick-change flexibility and wide-open access to the machining area allow users to achieve the ultimate in productivity with unrivalled ergonomics.  The MultiSwiss is also equipped with hydrostatic bearings for increased shock absorption, better machining surfaces, and longer lifespan of the tools (up to 50%). 


Small footprint, simplified cross-training


All peripherals (barfeeder, oil tank, filtration) are perfectly integrated; delivering a compact footprint that requires no more space than a single-spindle machine.  Equipped with the same TB-Deco operator interface as Tornos single spindle machines, the MultiSwiss operator learning curve is negligible.  


Blurring the line between single and multi-spindle machines


The result of four years of research and development and a complete re-thinking of traditional manufacturing and assembly principles, this revolutionary concept bridges the gap between single-spindle and multispindle lathes.  Equipped with 6 sliding headstock spindles that use torque motor technology for barrel indexing, its ultra-high speed makes it possible to achieve near cam driven multispindle cycle times. The MultiSwiss fills the gap between the two worlds of multispindle and single spindle with an attractive price yet full single spindle flexibility, full multi spindle productivity, and, of course, Swiss precision.


Check out this latest Tornos technology at IMTS 2012, booth S-8666, where Tornos will also be showcasing the following machines: Swiss ST26, EvoDECO, Sigma 20/6, Deco 20, Almac FB 1005, and Esco by Tornos D5 Ultra.