New Top of the Line Single Spindle Turning Center From Tornos To Be Showcased in IMTS 2012 Booth #S-8666



A major technological evolution of the DECO line, capable of meeting tomorrow’s challenges


Chicago, IL, September 10-15, 2012 – The EvoDECO, built at Tornos’ Moutier, Switzerland headquarters, comes with reknown Swiss precision and world-class local service.  Based on the Tornos Deco a-line, the new EvoDECO offers the highest possible rigidity and the most powerful spindles on the market today.  Fully synchronous drives offer incredible acceleration/deceleration to significantly reduce cycle times for parts that require a lot of stopping.  A versatile and affordable machine, the EvoDECO comes well equipped and works with or without a guide bush.  It delivers increased productivity, exceptional performance, and impressive accessibility.  




The EvoDECO line includes four models with 8-10 axes and 3-4 independent tool systems for part diameters up to 16mm.  Tornos’ independent tooling systems make it possible to work on the material using multiple tools (up to 4) at the same time, greatly reducing cycle times and increasing autonomy.  Excellent swarf removal and automatic cutting oil systems; an integrated chiller unit; and an integrated, optional bar feeder complete the productivity package.  




Up to 4 motors are available on the EvoDECO for rotating tools and special instruments.  Ultra-dynamic powered spindles with synchronous motors and continuous temperature stabilization allow inclined milling, complex shapes, ID and OD thread-whirling, and more.  In differential mode, operators can even perform simultaneous turning and drilling using the guide bush.  Up to 27 tools, including 21 rotating tools can be used on the EvoDECO.  The wide selection of instruments and peripherals are compatible with the industry-leading Tornos Deco line.  




A huge machining area, integrated peripherals, and ergonomics designed with the operator in mind, mean the EvoDECO offers unprecedented user convenience.  And thanks to icon-based TB-DECO software with tool library, graphic synchronization of simultaneous operations, calculation of actual machining times, and various macros for specific operations (such as thread chasing, torx, etc.), the EvoDECO is also easy to program.  Operators can manage multiple programs at once, making it possible to produce various workpieces consecutively on the same bar.  


Check out this latest Tornos technology at IMTS 2012, booth S-8666, where Tornos will also be showcasing the following machines: MultiSwiss, Swiss ST26, Sigma 20/6, Deco 20, Almac FB 1005, and Esco by Tornos D5 Ultra.