Electronic and micro electronic industry

The technical trends in the electronics sector demand even more sophisticated developments to execute parts that are getting ever smaller and more complicated. All modern equipment is made of precision turned parts, from computers to household goods, from mobile phones to televisions.



Electronics : part of our everyday lives!

Like the automotive sector or mechanical engineering, electronics also benefits from the technological progress made in small parts turning. In the electronics sector, the progress made in the miniaturisation of pcbs and the ever growing speed of communications tended to overshadow another, more mechanical sector, where precision and extreme demands are vital and the results of which are very tangible – namely the small parts turning sector!


Switching on the CD drive, mobile phone, GPS system, high-speed Internet and so on… all these are the result of amazing developments in communication. And they all depend directly on precision and new manufacturing techniques.


The new materials used in these sectors demand precision and machinability. The manufacturing techniques used to machine these materials have to be innovative and responsive to market demands. Tornos has tried and tested solutions in this very demanding field.

To be at the forefront of technology – this is your challenge!


If it is your aim to develop very precise and complex components to be incorporated in an electronic or networking system, then you will have to face the industry’s technological challenges.


The excellence of your engineering facilities, coupled with your experience, passion and desire to go beyond all limits, are vital for fast on-going development. Tornos can help.

Many parts: one complete solution.

Tornos Knows:


  • Telephony, mobile phones, palmtops
  • Data processing, pocket PC
  • Medical, apparatus, pacemaker
  • Aeronautics
  • Household goods
  • Measuring instruments (test points)
  • Defence (radar)
  • Optical fibres
  • High frequency technology


Let us help you find the best solution for your production processes.